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The high powered Pixel Q-Switched is the world’s first fractional non ablative 1064 Fractional non-ablative laser for skin tightening 5×5 Pixel Tip. Fractional, Non Ablative PBHA10011203 Pre-Treatment 6 months after 3 treatments Harmony XL System: Multi-Application, Multi-Technology

Skin Tightening Treatments For Fine Lines And Wrinkles
The expert technicians at Sona MedSpa use the Accent XL laser, which uses dual layer thermotherapy technology to heat and destroy fat cells, When it comes to skin tightening treatments, the Accent XL Aesthetic Laser offers a unique new way to turn back the clock on your visage.

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Laser skin tightening with Soprano XL offers rejuvenation for face or body. No surgery or injections. Qualified staff in Doctor-run clinic. See photos.

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Become a Platinum Member and get 12 treatments for Only $2400. ADVANTAGES OF LASER SKIN TIGHTENING. This is a non surgical treatment for lax skin…anywhere on the body

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Use with the HarmonyXL *, the iPixelEr speeds up treatment time while delivering greater results for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, skin resurfacing and the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. • Hypopigmentation • Laser peeling • Skin resurfacing • Skin tightening

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Accent Laser uses radiofrequency (RF) technology as a cellulite treatment and to tighten skin. Doctors usually recommend six treatments, and results can last up to 18 months.

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The Near-infrared Skin Tightening (ST) handpiece on HarmonyXL. A series of three to six treatments produces a tighter, fresher appearance—without pain or invasive procedures. fractional skin resurfacing laser on HarmonyXL. A series of two to

Body Contouring & Skin Tightening With Accent® XL
Accent® XL Cellulite Treatment & Skin Tightening. Radiofrequency has been used in surgery for the last seventy years, and in the last three years for body contouring.

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HARMONY XL PRO | 4 SKIN REMODELING & LIFTING Courtesy of Uwe Paasch, with immediate skin tightening and glow as well as restructuring of the skin’s architecture, YAG module provides a highly effective fractional ablative laser skin resurfacing

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Accent XL is a revolutionary FDA approved treatment for skin tightening, skin toning, fine line and wrinkle reduction on the face and body without the risks or recovery period usually associated with an invasive surgery.

FotofacialRF, Refirme skin tightening and MatrixIR for wrinkles and skin texture. www.trinitiskin.com ADVANCED FOTOFACIAL RF Introducing the new Soprano XL virtually PAIN FREE, HAIR FREE laser system, a state-of-the-art procedure

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Accent XL radiofrequency treatments can create significant change without invasive surgery or even topical anesthetics. Skin rejuvenation Skin tightening Volumetric dermal therapy Wrinkle treatment Accent XL applications include: Title:

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3900 Colony Road, Charlotte NC 282 11 Get Directions Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal; Fat Removal. Liposonix; Lipo Injections; Laser. Affirm Skin Tightening; Clear & Brilliant; Facial Veins; IPL/Photofacial; Laser Hair Removal; Leg You do not have to avoid sun as with laser treatments

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We can combine Soprano XL Skin Tightening Laser with AccentTM Radio Frequency or other lasers for further benefits. An inexpensive alternative to undergoing invasive surgery. How long does it take? The procedure usually takes between a few minutes

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Skin Tightening NIR-ST Tattoo Removal QS Nd:YAG 1064/532 Acne Reduction AFT-420 Pigmented & Vascular Lesions AFT-515VL/SVL AFT-540VP/SVP Skin Resurfacing (Ablative) fractional skin resurfacing laser on HarmonyXL. A series of two to

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Skin Tightening Many consumers seek skin tightening treatments to combat the loose and sagging skin that givess an aged, tired or sickly appearance. Tightening loose skin using technological advancements can be an appropriate treatment for a number of reasons.

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Skin tightening with Accent radiofrequency improves loose skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite with minimal pain and no downtime.

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The benefits afforded by the Alma Accent XL laser RF device. Face Lift, a non-surgical skin tightening and wrinkle-elimi nating treatment involving a platelet-fibrin mixture created from the person’s own red blood cells.

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Harmony XL Skin Tightening (GH) This skin tightening laser treatment Our treatment to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles utilizes safe bi-polar radio frequency A non-surgical option for removing these lesions is available with the Harmony®XL and its AFT 540 VP hand piece.

Skin Tightening and Lifting for Face & Body • Photo-Rejuvenation for Sun Damage • Body Lifting, Slimming & Loose Skin Tightening SOPRANOXL is laser hair removal at its finest. The patented “In-Motion” technology gradually and

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See laser skin tightening before and after pictures from patients who have received the Accent Your Body treatment.

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Super Hair Removal ( SHR) Laser Hair Removal (LHR) Skin Tightening Light Source Diode (continuous wave) Diode (continuous wave) NIR lamp For hair removal, the SopranoXL uses a gold standard 810 nm diode laser and combines it with exclusive IN-Motion™ technology.

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Accent Your Body offers body contouring laser treatments that use Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy for toning and tightening loose skin the comfortable way.

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Laser Skin Tightening: Over the last several years, one focus of aesthetic medical technology has been on a means for improving fine wrinkles and lines

INFORMED CONSENT- LASER & LIGHT BASED TREATMENT PROCEDURES LASER (Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Tightening),LASER (Photodynamic Skin Rejuvenation), LASER (Micro Laser

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Find some of the best before and after pictures of Accent laser therapy, including photos of body shaping and skin tightening results from Alma Lasers.

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Skin Tightening Devices D espite a soft global economy, AccentXL from Alma Lasers, Inc. (Buffalo Grove, Ill.) “appears to provide the most posi- a dermatologist at Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York in New York,